Snails Delivery
Snails Delivery
Snails Delivery


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Incredibly earthy and tender, these come from a family owned, sustainable snail farm in Greece and are canned onsite in brine, rivaling the more common version imported from Burgundy, France. Our snails are packed a dozen per tin and prep is easy! They are fully cooked. To serve, drain first then sauté, grill or bake until warm. A great source of protein and iron, snails are lovely sautéed or baked with garlic and parsley, you can toss these in with pasta or marinate them and grill quickly on skewers.

At Minnow, our tinned seafood is sourced from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, caught at the height of season and quickly processed, oftentimes by hand, at local canneries to preserve the vitamins, omega-3s, natural oils and fresh flavor of each fish.

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