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Snickerdoodle ABB Loaf

$17.141 large loaf. 5
Frozen - Delivers in a Frozen Box
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Arrives: Frozen

1 large loaf.

Your classic ABB plus swirls of cinnamon sugar and a cinnamon sugar crumble. Long before the popularity of banana bread skyrocketed during quarantine, Allie had been delighting friends with her special, top-secret recipe. The now-established Queen of Banana Bread's weekly drops sell out in minutes. But, in her own words, Allie’s Banana Bread "isn’t anything crazy." It’s a basic recipe and she hasn’t tweaked it at all since it was handed down from her grandmother. It's just a very moist, delicious, dense, banana bread.


Stephanie Brunnemann


So moist and delicious. Just toast it lightly and enjoy warm. Doesn’t even need butter!


Seriously moist

This also lasts a long time in the fridge

Kiana Hanaoka

So good!!!

Enjoyed this entire loaf warmed up with butter 🌀 insane

Eva Yavorkovsky

coffee’s best friend

on its own, it’s very sweet, but with coffee or tea, it’s all I think about. can’t wait to try the peanut butter cup one!

Steven V.


Great value for the price paid. It was very sweet but tasty. I sliced it and lightly toasted it. Good with coffee but not a breakfast substitute, would need to balance it with something else.