Soma Star Cold Brew Coffee Delivery

Soma Star Cold Brew Coffee

$5.909.5 fl oz1
Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Arrives: Chilled

Cold brew aficionados and busy people who’ve got sh*t to do can now recharge on-the-go with an artful can of refreshing single-origin black coffee. You will be born anew sipping this wild and wonderful take on cold brew, shinning bright with our most emblematic and avantgarde single origin offerings. Soma Star Cold Brew Coffee is modern and magical, artful and adventurous.

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Jennifer Lockett

Excellent, except for a major caveat

Cans are recyclable. It’s usually really easy to recycle them anywhere. The infrastructure for recycling tin has been around for decades. These plastic covers on cans make recycling them a chore I find resentful. I suffered from executive dysfunction because I am autistic. I don’t need extra chores. I have plenty to occupy my time and obligations I am already struggling to meet. Stuff like this aggrieves me to no end. Ugh. The coffee itself is great, use mason jars.