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Souper Cubes

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1 ct. Say hi to the best thing since sliced bread - cubed soup! Use Souper Cubes to freeze a batch of your favorite soup, and make meal-prep souper easy. Souper Cubes is the best way to freeze and store your soup, stock, broth or sauce in perfect portions.


Jason Berkman

I heard about these from a friend

I bought only one tray, and it's already in the freezer with a broth I made this week. I like how deep the cells are, so that one cube can be a portion for a small soup addition to my meal. I wish I had many of these, as I often make soups and broths and freeze them in glass in the freezer. These are way easier to use and don't have the hazard of breaking in the freezer.

Aletheia Elwood

Helps is much with meal prep

This is a great way to create starters for soups and bases for sauces !