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Strawberry Preserves

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Two 10 oz jars.

This Strawberry Preserve is all natural, made from organic strawberries straight from the farms of Dirty Girl Produce. They began making and jarring this jam in small batches back in 2014, which saw massive success, and now are producing in larger quantities for the rest of us. Use this beautiful crimson preserve for toast, pb&j sandwiches, with crackers or biscuits, or bake into your favorite baked good recipes.

Ingredients: organic strawberries, sugar, pectin, lemon juice


Nicholas Santos

Superior Strawberry

So great on biscuits and a mellow but vibrant flavor. Also tastes homemade.

Dylan Hua


Amazing delicious great for breakfast

Emily Cooper

Love this

The best jam from the best berries, from one of my favorite farms. Love it, especially on buttered toast or as a topping for a weekend Dutch baby pancake.