SUGARDAD Challah Delivery
SUGARDAD Challah Delivery
SUGARDAD Challah Delivery


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1 ct.
The SUGARDAD challah by challahdad
So rich, so delicious. This challah is filled with chocolate chips and topped with a cinnamon sugar / five spice mix. Kneadless to say, he’s rolling in that sweet dough.

Ingredients include flour, water, sugar, honey, salt, eggs, olive oil, yeast, milk & dark chocolate chips, cinnamon, and five spice.

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Ly Uyen Nguyen

First Challah, Forever a Fan

It was my first time trying challah and introducing it to my husband's family visiting from overseas as part of a brunch I hosted. They would not stop raving about the bread throughout the meal. My eldest aunt even texted her sister-in-law to tell her how delicious it was afterwards. Thanks for making me look good! Will definitely be reordering!