Super Greens Saag Delivery
Super Greens Saag Delivery

Super Greens Saag

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Getting your greens in has never been so easy — or nutritional. Saag is traditionally a leafy green spinach-based dip, but this one is made extra super by adding three adaptogens: moringa, spirulina, and the wonderful benefits of ashwagandha root. A good source of iron and fiber can be found in this tasty dip. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Water, Spinach, Tomato Paste, Cashews, Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Thai Chilis, Spices, Salt, Moringa, Spirulina, Ashwagandha Root Powder.

Contains: Tree Nuts (Cashews)

Heat: 3/5

  • #Gluten Free
  • #Dairy Free
  • #Plant Based


Conner G

not what i expected

but that’s not a bad thing! this is very tasty, but i don’t find myself reaching for it.