Sustainably Farmed Sea Bream (Çipura) Delivery

Sustainably Farmed Sea Bream (Çipura)

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11 lb.

Found mainly in the Mediterranean Sea, sea bream is a medium-small fish with silver skin and white flesh that imparts a rich, meaty flavor when grilled, baked, or braised. Sustainably farmed in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, they have a good layer of fat between the skin and flesh, making it a heartier and great for skin-on cooking methods. The firm, slightly fatty flesh stays intact when mixed into bubbling pot and cooked for hours. It also soaks in sauces and spices well. We love it whole stuffed with lemon, salt and pepper, and cooked on the grill until the thick skin is crackling and crisp and the flesh inside has turned a creamy white.

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