Tension Relief Delivery
Tension Relief Delivery

Tension Relief

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Hilma Tension Relief is a capsule that relieves occasional headaches and head tension with a blend of natural herbs. In an independently run clinical study of 75+ people, 79% of participants saw a decrease in feelings of head tension after 30 minutes. Created by Hilma’s board of doctors, PhDs, and herbalists, Hilma Tension Relief combines 5 natural ingredients that ease head discomfort and and have calming effects. Hilma’s Tension Relief formula is packed with White Willow Bark to promote head and body comfort, Magnesium to promote comfort and increase calmness, Feverfew to reduce sensitivity to triggers, Boswellia to promote head and joint comfort, and Skullcap to help balance the nervous system. Tension Relief is made without any drugs, dyes, fillers or added sugars.

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