The Rebel Within Delivery
The Rebel Within Delivery

The Rebel Within

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Founded in 2011, Craftsman and Wolves has never been boring with this San Francisco bakery’s ever-evolving and inventive menu. Their top-selling and most famous creation, The Rebel Within, is a savory breakfast muffin, almost like a gougeres, with pork sausage, scallions, asiago, parmesan cheese, and a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg!

Heating Instruction: 450 degrees in convection oven for 7-10 minutes. Do not Microwave.

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Jennifer Gresham


Wonderful mix of flavors. We heated up in the toaster oven, then cut it up to eat it, so the egg yolk got over all the pieces. Recommend eating with a fork not your hands!

Jenn Sugiyama

Worth the Hype

This unique and all-in-one breakfast treat is a culinary feat. Heat at 450 for ~8 minutes. “Crack” open and Enjoy!

Caroline Smith


Although I love all craftsman & wolves products, I was skeptical of the rave reviews. Too much hype? Nope. It was outstanding and I will be ordering again!

Anja L

Good flavor, not great bake.

Had this truly innovative muffin and it was very very tasty! Runny yolk and all. My only suggestion is that I would bake it a little longer and forgo the running yolk for a cooked through muffin. Currently the center dough is still very soft and not fully cooked.

Sara Ou


Incredible! Comes with a little container of salt, too!