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Trip to Italy

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Bring the charm of Italy to your doorstep. This box has everything you need for an Italian night, starting from bread and olive oil, to ending on a sweet note with dessert! Create Italian magic at home.

Shabby's selection Trip to Italy:
NO.2 Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Branche,
Whole Peeled Tomatoes - 28 oz by Bianco Dinapoli,
Spaghetti by Poschiavo,
Genuine Pecorino Romano Wedge by Genuine Fulvi,
Olive Bread by Acme Bread,
Organic Basil by Blue House Farm.


Shabby Khalili

Delicious!! Feeds up to 4 people

Couldn’t have been a better idea to spend a date night at home with this well rounded box — all your Italian faves in one!