vendorBoichik Bagels

Tuna Salad

$6.808 oz.1

8 oz.

Made with white albacore tuna, Hellman's mayo and fresh lemon juice, Boichik's Tuna Salad is as close as it gets to the Jewish Deli Tuna Salad we have been craving. A little bit of dill, celery, and onion melted between two pieces of toasted rye and you will be transported to a New York deli.

Arrives: Chilled

rachel a levin

Best tuna salad ever!

I order it each and every opportunity I can. That’s at least once a week but mostly twice. It’s dreamy, it’s creamy, it’s nice and lite, and a lil tangy. The best part is the slivers of green onions that give it a tiny crunch and the simplicity of it.

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