Tzatziki Dip Delivery
Tzatziki Dip Delivery

Tzatziki Dip

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Also known as htipiti, tirokafteri or tyrokafteri, this Spicy Feta dip is a classic combination of red pepper, feta and chilis. To keep the authenticity of the Greek recipe intact, Mezes Artisan left a few chunky bits in the dip, stirred in some creamy yogurt and added a few hotter chilis for a depth of flavor. Serve it with chunk of pita and a big green salad.

Ingredients: feta (pasteurized milk, salt, cheese cultures, enzymes), roasted red pepper (red peppers, water, wine vinegar, sea salt), extra-virgin olive oil, hot chili pepper, Greek style yogurt, garlic powder, black pepper


Seletta Raven

You need this

Genuinely delicious! Nice tang, perfect for a quick snack with chips or your favorite bread. Your mouth will be happy!

Lili Pabz

Pretty good!

Pretty good! Very refreshing and tasty

Sara Ou


This was great! The consistency was thicker than the one from Trader Joe’s - went well with falafels!

Bri Jung

Good dip

It’s a bit on the thicker side compared to other tzatziki dips that I’ve tried. Went well with my salads and dips for crackers

Nicole Spear

So many uses!

Put it on grilled meats, dip veggies on it, put it in a sandwich. Yum!