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My Picks:
If you’re a fan of chips in your sandwich (🙋‍♀️), the bottom of the bag of these pimentón chips is perfect. 💥 Also: don’t know what to do with the heels of your bread loaf 🍞? Use them to make a club sandwich! 🥪✨
Sunday snackin’: sardine flaked on Acme olive bread with ripe tomato, parsley, and some new smoky spice from Birdbox + Shared Cultures.
Things that make you go huh? So good as a topping on avocado toast. Enjoy with a BLT!
I can’t believe the bounty of this stone fruit mystery box!!! (And I already gifted a box of apricots…)
Summer breakfast: Masumoto peaches 🍑 and Frog Hollow apriums on toasted ciabatta with cream cheese, agrumato oil, and oregano!
Got these babies in the Mystery Snacks Box 📦✨ and everyone on the dock with me was asking where these salt and pepper chips were from! Great with beer 🍻!
Matchy-matchy breakfast with Frog Hollow Farm apriums and granola (and my favorite milk from Alexandre Family Farm: and it’s A2!).
So excited for my next Feed shipment with this spicy feta dip I love to eat with errrrrything! So good with tortilla chips. 👹
These DEEEELICIOUS crab 🦀 and artichoke ravioli are the best fast ⚡️dinner, just drizzle with some agrumato oil and cheese! Add a salad 🥗 and glass of rosé, done. ✅‼️🙌
Was feeling a little hurt from my friend’s birthday dinner 🍾 last night, Chile crisp-fried egg 🍳 with avocado 🥑 toast and everything bagel salt to the rescue!
You know, the English muffin with spicy feta dip, prosciutto, tomato, and oregano would be amazing without the egg too!
Sunday brunchin’ at home after a late night! Toasted sourdough English muffins topped with spicy feta dip, sliced cherry tomatoes, oregano, prosciutto, and fermented chile sauce, with those amazing fried eggs 🍳 in olive oil from Twisted Farms.
I should have linked the gorgeous ranunculas in my previous Key lime pie post! 🧡💛
I don’t have anything to eat for dinner… Oh yes you do! 🍜 Freezer jackpot 🎰!
Check out the GBD golden brown deliciousness! 👀