Vegan Fermented Tea Leaf Salad	 Delivery
Vegan Fermented Tea Leaf Salad	 Delivery
Vegan Fermented Tea Leaf Salad	 Delivery
Vegan Fermented Tea Leaf Salad	 Delivery

Vegan Fermented Tea Leaf Salad

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10 oz.

Known for its bustling tables and legendary wait times, Burma Superstar has become a Bay Area institution on a mission to introduce the bold flavors of Burma to the Bay Area and beyond. This Tea Leaf Salad hailing from the Burma Superstar team is their iconic salad on-the-go. Made with their Burmese crunch mix, fresh tomatoes, crisp romaine and their award winning vegan dressing, its simple, classic and is perfect for when you're craving something crunchily healthy.

Ingredients: romaine lettuce, crunchy salad topping (roasted peanuts (peanuts, peanut oil), roasted sunflower seed kernels (sunflower kernels, canola oil, sea salt), dehydrated garlic, yellow split peas, sunflower oil, water), fermented tea leaf dressing (sunflower oil, blanched fermented organic tea leaves (organic tea leaves, water), garlic, green jalapeno puree, sea salt, yeast extract, lime juice concentrate, ginger, dried mushrooms, dried tomatoes, lemon

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Rachel A Levin

My favorite part is the…

Whole thing! No seriously, then nuts with the crispy garlic…. Yum. The dressing… yum. I sometimes wait a little to long to eat it so I just snag the toppings and throw them on top another kind of green. Still delicious sometimes even better.

Natasha Wong

Reminds me of home

Love that I can get this shipped to Denver! Had to eat it quickly when it arrived.


Quick meal

One of the best kinds of premade salads out there! I love the added crunch the toppings give and the fermented tea dressing is *chef’s kiss* #burmalove #salads

Hrishi Bhagwat


Tea leaf salad is a great meal fix!

Annie Baik

Fresh and flavorful

This salad doesn’t look like much when you see the box, but it’s larger than you’d think and full of flavor. The lemon wedge made the adjacent lettuce wilty and brown, so I had to throw that part out, but there was still plenty of super fresh lettuce left. Gorgeous crunchy garlic bits!