Veggie Chips Summer Truffle Delivery
Veggie Chips Summer Truffle Delivery

Veggie Chips Summer Truffle

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2.4 oz.
Who says being sophisticated can't be fun? This savory, oh-so-truffley seasoning with our vibrant veggies will make every day feel like summer. Crunch away! Specs - Vegan, GF, nutrient-dense, made from real vegetables, high fiber, upcycled from ugly produce, mission-driven. INGREDIENTS: Red Radish, Green Radish, Carrot, Okra, Shiitake Mushrooms, Purple Sweet Potato, Truffle Seasoning, Vegetable Powders, Rice Bran Oil, Maltose, Sea Salt.

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Simin Atayman

Guilt free crunchy munchie chips!!

The veggies are perfectly thick and crunchy. The flavor is very truffle-y! Perfect for a guilt free snack, nutritious and high quality..

Bri Jung

Solid snack

Wish there were more in this bag but I ate the whole thing in one day. Lots of flavor, almost a bit more seasoning than I’m used to. Great veggie chips