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Crescent City, CA
#Family Owned

Just south of the Oregon border lies Humboldt and Del Norte Counties – where redwoods meet the sea along California's rugged coastline. It was back in 1992 that we – Blake and Stephanie Alexandre – decided to purchase a beautiful piece of farmland in Del Norte’s Crescent City to start their very own dairy farm. Since then, the farm has evolved in ways they could hardly imagine, and today they work alongside their children together as a family.

They have set a new standard in dairy farming by prioritizing becoming caretakers with a commitment to stewardship that reaches beyond the farm gate. Using no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, assuring that each individual egg is nest-laid and hand-gathered, they believe that the Earth’s tastiest and healthiest foods are a product of farmers working in harmony with nature.

The depth of their commitment in what they do resides in family tradition, regenerative organic farming, and in providing consistent, high quality food from Alexandre Family Farm's single-origin farm.