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Bayview Pasta is a San Francisco-based company that specializes in exceedingly fresh, hand-milled pasta. It all starts with the process– Bayview Pasta sources non-GMO wheatberries from reputable West Coast farms and mills them by hand at a low temperature to retain essential amino acids and nutrients lost in commercial milling, making it healthier and easier to digest. The pasta is then made by hand using traditional rolling, sheeting, and extruding processes, making it some of the freshest pasta on the market. Each batch of pasta made is dated, setting it apart from competitors.

Chef Joshua Felciano, the owner of Bayview Pasta, has a passion for producing hand-milled flour and uses it to craft fresh pasta and wood oven pizzas. He works with local chefs and retailers to create custom recipes and goods that can be found in many restaurants and stores in the Bay Area. He also offers catering services, including pasta classes and tasting menus, as well as 1979 sourdough wood-fired pizzas served from his classic Ape scooter. On weekends, Chef Felciano can be found at local farmer's markets and popping up all over San Francisco.