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Petaluma, CA
#Family Owned

Bellwether Farms is a family-owned and operated creamery nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of the Sonoma County coast. Founded in 1986, Bellwether Farms crafts high-quality dairy products, including yogurts and cheeses, using full-fat sheep’s milk and cow’s milk and traditional, artisanal techniques. The farm first received rave reviews for its sheep's milk cheese and yogurt from farmers' markets and chefs in the San Francisco Bay area, and since then has become a household name in the dairy industry.

As sheep's milk is extremely high in nutrients and in many cases more readily digestible to those with lactose intolerance, Bellwether Farms was able to carve a niche for the brand and make sheep's milk cheeses and yogurts more mainstream and accessible. The farm now makes America’s number one sheep's milk yogurt and has loyal customers across the country. What sets Bellwether Farms apart in the dairy case after all these years is their refreshingly simple approach that's been a commitment for the creamery since its inception. Their devotion to simplicity and wholesome tradition is no more apparent than in their Sheep Milk Yogurt and Organic Cow Milk Yogurt, which are made from whole milk straight from healthy, happy sheep or cows and are lusciously smooth, delicious, and nutrient-dense.