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Bernal Bakery is a unique and delicious addition to the San Francisco food scene specializing in sourdough goodies. Newly engaged owners and chefs Ryan Stagg and Daniella Banchero lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic and found themselves collecting unemployment. With the high cost of rent in the city, they knew they needed to come up with a plan fast. That's when they decided to start baking for their neighbors as a way to keep busy and make a little extra money.

However, as word spread about their delicious baked goods, the community almost instantly adopted them and their business began to grow. From small beginnings of just a few loaves of sourdough, Bernal Bakery now offers a wide range of treats, from their famous country loaves to soft and gooey brown butter chocolate chip cookies and sourdough cinnamon rolls. Thanks to the support of the community, Bernal Bakery has turned into a full-time business and can now be found at cafes, farmers markets, and pop-ups around the city.