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Brown Butter is a deeply toasted version of ordinary butter that brings layers of flavor to a wide variety of recipes. Black & Bolyard is proud to be the first to market this incredible ingredient that has been used by chefs and cooks around the world for centuries. Black & Bolyard Brown Butter starts with rBST-free butter sourced from American farms, which is then precisely cooked and slowly caramelized for several hours, creating a rich and complex browned butter. Each variety of Brown Butter is incredibly versatile for both savory and sweet recipes. Spread on toast or vegetables, sautée with eggs, melt on popcorn, pancakes or ice cream, bake into cookies, muffins, or pies, and use as a sauce for seafood, meats, and pastas. Black & Bolyard Brown Butter is shelf stable and best enjoyed 12 months after opening. Co-Founders and Professional Chefs Andrew Black and Eric Bolyard met in 2011 while cooking side-by-side at the famed Eleven Madison Park in New York City. At their acclaimed Brooklyn-based supper club, the two often served rustic bread with whipped Brown Butter as a shared course - it was their guests’ enthusiastic response that inspired them to launch Black & Bolyard Brown Butter in 2015.