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Bluma Farm, located in Berkeley, California, is a sustainable and organic flower farm committed to protecting the soil, supporting biological diversity, practicing water conservation, and conservation tillage. The farm's name, Bluma, means "flower" in Yiddish and is a nod to the owner's family history. Founder and Owner-Operator, Joanna Letz, is passionate about revitalizing local agriculture and connecting urban dwellers to the farm and wider Bay Area farming communities.

Bluma Farm's commitment to growing over 60 varieties of plants preserves biodiversity and aims to preserve some of our seed heritage by growing flowers out to seed. The farm also supports vast numbers of pollinators and insects that come to feed on the nectar and pollen, making flowers an integral part of our ecological system. In addition to growing quality flowers, Bluma aspires to create a community around local agriculture and encourages people to grow their own flowers and vegetables wherever they can. The farm also provides flowers to those who can no longer go out and see them, continuing a tradition of gathering flowers for the elder generation.