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The Brokaw Ranch Company is a family-owned and operated business specializing in avocado, specialty citrus, and subtropical tree-fruit production. Founded by Hank and Ellen Brokaw in 1967, the company is currently owned & operated by their son, Will Brokaw famously known as “The Avocado Guy”.

With 200 acres of farmland in Santa Paula and Soledad, 375 and 125 miles respectively to San Francisco, the Brokaw Ranch Company is dedicated to producing plentiful crops of top-quality fruit while being good stewards of all resources: soil, water, and people.

The Brokaws have a deep history in the farming industry, starting as a backyard avocado and citrus nursery in the mid-1950s and eventually purchasing the Lemoravo Ranch in Soledad and the Cheravo Ranch in Santa Paula. Over the years, they have transformed and revitalized the land, producing an abundance of citrus, subtropical tree-fruits, and avocados for surrounding communities.