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St. Louis, Missouri
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Delve into the culinary world of Claire Saffitz, a celebrated pastry chef, cookbook author, and food personality recognized for her approachable yet sophisticated take on home cooking and baking. Claire's journey, marked by a passion for culinary arts and education, has made her a beloved figure in the food community.

As the author of 'Dessert Person', Claire has redefined the baking landscape with her innovative recipes that balance classic techniques with contemporary flair. Her commitment to making 'gourmet baking accessible' shines through each page, encouraging home bakers to embrace their 'inner Dessert Person'.

Formerly a senior food editor at Bon Appétit, Claire achieved widespread fame with 'Gourmet Makes', a YouTube series where she ingeniously recreated popular snack foods. Her thoughtful approach to food and unique teaching style endeared her to millions, cementing her place as a leading voice in food media.

Explore the delectable world of Claire Saffitz, where cooking and baking are celebrations of flavor, creativity, and joy. Join her on this culinary journey and discover how you too can become a Dessert Person.