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The saga of the Clément Faugier Establishment, or how two families intertwined their history with that of the chestnut in Ardèche.

It was in 1882, at a time when the local economy in Ardèche, focused on silk farming, was going through a crisis due to an epidemic, that Clément Faugier, a young man from the region, founded the first Marrons Glacés (candied chestnuts) factory in Privas. He combined tradition in gastronomy with innovation and audacity, pioneering the industrial production of Marron Glacés while preserving the qualities of artisanal craftsmanship.

The story of the Clément Faugier Establishment became inseparable from that of the chestnut. The transfer of knowledge was continued by the children, especially Charles Faugier, a "master confectioner," whose son, Jean, joined forces with the Boiron family, the main chestnut supplier. Since 1970, Claude Boiron and today his son Jean-David Boiron have led the company, preserving the tradition established by Clément Faugier.

By thus linking the two ends of the chain, from chestnut to high-quality candied chestnuts, with a production process that respects tradition, the Clément Faugier Establishment now tells a story of passion and perseverance, where the convergence of two professional practices and personal destinies harmoniously come together.