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Founded in 2013, Crumble & Whisk Pâtisserie is recognized by many as the premier cheesecake bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a trained chef with an exceptional palate for pairing flavors as well as an artist’s eye for aesthetics, Chef Charles Farriér’s cheesecakes are often referred to as “works of art” by his clientele.

Crumble & Whisk cheesecakes feature buttery shortbread crusts and creamy-rich fillings in a variety of delectable flavors made with premium, local organic ingredients whenever possible. Each C&W creation is beautifully finished with fresh seasonal fruit from the farmers' market, toppings, and/or fresh flowers.

In addition to growing a successful LGBTQ+ Black-owned business, Oakland native Chef Charles Farriér is passionate about inspiring youth, supporting entrepreneurship, and creative positive social impact in The Bay Area community.