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Current Foods is out to disrupt the fishing industry with plant-based seafood products that have all the taste, texture and nutritional density you love about fish, without compromise. With 3.2 billion people around the world relying on fish for protein, it is clear that it is an integral part of our diet and culture. However, the overfishing of the oceans has led to a depletion of fish populations, meaning that we need to find ways to continue enjoying seafood without damaging the planet.

After two and a half years of research and development, Current Foods created a delicious solution: plant-based tuna and salmon. Using a combination of vegetables and algae, they have created a product that tastes and feels just like the real thing, but without the negative impacts of traditional seafood. Not only do these plant-based alternatives taste great, but they also provide important nutrients like vitamin B12 and omega-3s, making them a healthy and sustainable choice for seafood lovers.

Based in San Francisco and Barcelona, Current Foods is leading the charge in the plant-based seafood movement. With a commitment to sustainability and delicious taste, they are inviting everyone to join them in the New School of Fish and enjoy a guilt-free seafood experience.