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Arcata, CA

Cypress Grove is a unique and award-winning cheese producer located on an 18-acre parcel of land within the Arcata city limits. Founded in 1983 by Mary Keehn, the creamery specializes in producing a variety of fresh goat milk cheeses, including Purple Haze and Fromage Blanc, soft-ripened cheeses such as Humboldt Fog and Truffle Tremor, and aged cheeses including Midnight Moon and Lamb Chopper, a sheep milk cheese.

One of the main goals for Cypress Grove is to become an easily accessible source of knowledge for milk producers and commercial goat dairies in America, which is in its infancy compared to its European counterparts. To achieve this goal, the Cypress Grove team spent years traveling the world gleaning knowledge from countries where goat husbandry is much more advanced, including Israel, Holland, France, Spain, and Switzerland. This dedication to excellence is evident in the design and management of their model dairy, which is located just a short drive north of the Arcata creamery in an agricultural area called Dows Prairie. The dairy is designed primarily with the health and happiness of the herd in mind, and has received 100% scores from the American Humane Association and Certified Humane.