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Daily Driver is a community marketplace, wood-fired organic bagel bakery, creamery, roastery, and the brainchild of David Jablons and Tamara Hicks. Fueled by a shared desire to bring nourishing, quality versions of the products they longed for and couldn't find to San Francisco, Daily Driver is dedicated to providing delicious and nutritious products that are made with care and integrity.

As farmers first, the intersection of animals and land is sacred at Daily Driver- perhaps best illustrated by their premium dairy products. The cream used in Daily Driver’s butter & cream cheese is sourced from Silva Family Dairy’s 86 Jersey cows, tenderly raised on 1,200 acres of pristine organic pasture land by passionate sixth generation dairy farmers. Daily Driver’s butter is also cultured for 24 hours, churned in a European-style churn and hand-paddled to ensure the best possible flavor and texture. Daily Driver’s cream cheese can’t be missed, crafted with simple ingredients and a process which allows the true taste of the milk to shine through.

The star of the show is Daily Driver’s delectable wood-fired bagels, which are crafted by and for The Bay Area community. Hand-rolled with a crunchy exterior, chewy interior, yeasty, malted smell, and a precise size, Daily Driver bagels boast a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing bronze exterior and a simple yet complex flavor profile. Every product is made with care and integrity, and the love put into the labor of these items is evident in every bite.