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Dare County, North Carolina
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Darë was brought into existence by chef, Gwendolyn Dare Hageman, who spent most of her life as an omnivore inspired by her chef Dad. The two had a snack ritual involving a block of cheese, a pack of crackers, and a knife. When Gwendolyn decided to pursue an animal-free lifestyle, the thought of losing her favorite snack sent her searching high and low for a sufficient substitute. Time and again, she came up empty, thus beginning her journey in creating the taste she craved.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Gwendolyn grew inspired by the limitations imposed by a meat- and dairy-free lifestyle. She turned to the ancient tradition of cheesemaking and explored fermentation to coax flavor and texture from her plant-based creations. She cultivated a culture that, when married with cashews, exploded with flavor. What emerged was a passion for the food she was making, a hunger to make people happy, and the innovation to satisfy multiple palates. From there, the rest is history.