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Austin, TX

It all began at a bar, as most good stories do. A bartender noticed the mounds of sliced fruit being thrown out daily and the few that made it to a cocktail were sub par — the sight of a lifeless lime slouched over a drink’s rim all too familiar. DEHY wasn’t written in the stars but it was scribbled on a napkin and to mixologists and cocktail connoisseurs, well, that’s pretty much the same thing. At DEHY, we don’t just make artful, dehydrated garnishes to decorate your refreshments. We make the experience of a great cocktail attainable, sustainable and downright good-looking because we — the bartender, the drinker and said lime — deserve better from and for our spirits. We aren’t pretentious and we don’t think a good — no, great — cocktail has to be either. We simply uphold the virtue of a cocktail for gathering’s sake. And gathering for memories’ sake. And of memories for life’s sake. So quit shaking and stirring with rubbish disguised as garnish and come have a real drink with us. DEHY. Want for nothing more.