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Santa Cruz County, CA
#Eco Friendly

Dirty Girl Produce is a shining example of sustainable and responsible farming. Located in Santa Cruz County, this 40-acre certified organic family farm grows over 20 varieties of fruits and vegetables, and sells their produce at farmer’s markets in Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and San Francisco. The farm is owned and operated by Joe Schirmer, a Santa Cruz native and graduate of the UCSC Farm and Garden Apprenticeship Program. With a dedicated team of full-time employees and a steadfast commitment to organic practices, Dirty Girl Produce is a vital part of the local food movement.

Farm owner Joe Schirmer has deep roots in the farming community, and his dedication to sustainable agriculture is evident in every aspect of the farm. Joe currently sits on the board of directors for CUESA, which runs the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and is a past President of the Board of Directors for the SCCFM. He has adapted the French intensive gardening method, incorporating it into tractor farming, and maintains soil fertility by adding compost and organic fertilizers, as well as planting seasonal cover crops to add nitrogen, reduce erosion, and improve soil structure.

By purchasing fresh produce from Dirty Girl, customers can be sure that they are supporting a local farm that uses responsible, organic methods and is dedicated to providing high-quality, fresh fruits and vegetables. The farm also offers a number of shelf-stable pantry items such as roasted tomato sauce and dried beans, all grown right on the farm.