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Front Porch Farm is a real organic farm and winery located in Healdsburg, California. After decades of conservation work, the founders of Front Porch Farm became interested in work that had the potential to create positive outcomes and decided to buy a farm. They have a deep respect for the land and view farming as a symphony of life-affirming patterns. At Front Porch Farm, they focus on taking care of the biotic community in the soil, orchestrating the succession of crops, and using diversity as their guiding principle.

The team at Front Porch Farm is dedicated to regenerative systems that respond to the boundaries and opportunities of each season. Their mission is to feed, inspire, and educate for generations to come through a combination of hard work, well-being, and shared fun. They rely on their experience and innovation to create sustainable and life-affirming systems on the farm. In addition to their work on the farm, Front Porch Farm is also passionate about engaging with the community and celebrating life through their stewardship of the land.