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Reedley, CA
#Family Owned

Galpin Family Farms, located in Reedley, CA, is a true testament to the traditional family farm. Lisa and Anthony Galpin, high school sweethearts and second-generation farmers, have been growing and harvesting tree fruit in the Central Valley since 1980. The Galpin's unique method of farming, known as "tree-to-counter," involves picking and packing the fruit directly from the tree, ensuring that it's only touched once before it reaches your table. This technique not only minimizes bruising and bumping, but it also guarantees that the fruit is truly tree ripened.

The Galpins take great pride in their farming methods, which prioritize quality over quantity. They grow a variety of stone fruit, citrus and grapes, mainly for a handful of farmers' markets in Southern California & the famous Alemany Farmers' Market in San Francisco. The Galpins have been farming as clean and as pesticide-free as possible before organic certification existed as a federal program. They use pheromone strips, integrated pest management, OMRI-approved spray and sulfur for fungicide. The Galpin family takes great pride in their farming practices, committed to bringing "tree ripened fruit from our family to yours".