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Genova, Italy

This dream started with a simple question: Is it possible to produce a truly beautiful and delicious handmade frozen pizza? Anthony scoured the freezer section of supermarkets around the globe, and realized that if it was possible, it had not yet been done.

The frozen pizza landscape hasn’t evolved much over the last 20 years; if anything, it's gotten worse. The market is controlled by massive food companies churning out uninspiring pizza full of artificial ingredients and flavors that smell funny—and sometimes barely pass as food. The pizza lining today’s freezer section is nearly unrecognizable from the beautiful handmade pizzas made with love and intention that are found across Italy.

Pizza should not be reduced to simply a convenience food. At its best, pizza should be a celebrated Italian artisan product that can truly bring joy to all the senses. From the smell of slowly risen dough baking in a wood fired brick oven to the distinct hue of Italian tomatoes and the singular taste of Buffalo mozzarella, all punctuated with fresh herbs; it’s pure, healthy and delicious.

The word ‘artisan’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but it can still mean something. Genio’s story is true and transparent, and it begins with a real pizza maker who wanted to stand up for his craft in a marketplace committed to dumbing it down. You can’t buy that with private equity money, you have to earn it over a lifetime’s work.