Los Angeles, CA

Look to the chaos, unbridled by our obsession for order and control. There you will find ideas rejected, the misfits and the freaks, but it is also there that you will find sparkles of genius.

For us it’s more than just a sauce in a tube. We set out to create flavour-forward food that contributes to a much bigger picture. We aspire to create a culture of awareness and empower you to make food choices that support and sustain your sweet, sweet body and the world we live in.

Growing up, my parents lived close to the earth. They were artists, potters, chefs and farmers who believed that a healthy diet = a health body.

Just regular family lunch. Me preparing Harissa in Provence when a brother, Dahlan, casually remarked: "HEY RICH, STICK IT IN A TUBE!"

A lightbulb moment.

Could we merge Steiner's organic farming principles of our upbringing with a seriously big dollop of flavour and attitude?

Could we punk health?

And so Hlthpunk was born.

A plant-based, planet-friendly, super-delish range of condiments.

Today we’ve embraced a wider family to the table. Creatives and lateral thinkers from the worlds of art, design, farming, and innovation.

It’s an exciting time…

From the very ethos of my childhood, Hlthpunk was born.