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Chicago, IL
#Woman Owned

Hope and Sesame is a Women-led company of dreamers and doers on a mission to make a better, more nutritious and more sustainable plant milk. Despite where we all came from, we all shared one thing in common: the belief in a better future. The story of our company began when our founders, a group of friends and family decided they would join forces to fill the world’s need for nutritious, sustainable, (and delicious) food options that could be accessible to everyone. From this seed of an idea, a movement sprouted and our dream began to grow. We are a group of zealous changemakers. We are tree-huggers, animal rights activists, baristas, businesspeople, heck -- we’ve even got a Broadway performer! We believe in creating change for a healthier and more sustainable future and that’s what makes our bond stronger than glue. We’re here to invite you to join our mission to change the world, one tiny seed at a time.