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Duxbury, MA
#Family Owned

Skip Bennett, son of a lobsterman, grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts, where he spent years working on the bay. After college, he tried growing clams, but they died. He switched to oysters and, for eight years, was the only person growing shellfish in Duxbury Bay.

Eventually, he was joined by others, and by 2000 they were harvesting enough oysters to go full-time. Today, Island Creek Oysters are prized by chefs around the world and have even been served at state dinners at the White House.

Island Creek is a vertically integrated farm, operating a hatchery, distribution company, retail business, restaurant group, and international development NGO. But the farm remains at the heart of everything, and they are committed to growing food that is good for the people who eat it, the people who grow it, and the place where it is raised.