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#Eco Friendly

At LaClare Creamery, everything is about pursuing perfection in flavor and quality to produce distinctly delicious goat cheese.

Our world-class cheese blends our passion for Wisconsin cheesemaking traditions with unmatched attention to detail. We are dedicated to clean taste and extraordinary flavor, with freshness at our core. Whether it’s the creamy canvas of our chevre infused with unique flavors or our robust hard cheeses, you’ll taste our commitment immediately.​

It all begins with our milk. LaClare is one of the only 100%-domestically produced goat cheese brands in the country; we source milk exclusively from dairies within 15 miles of our creamery, reducing miles traveled and less CO2 emissions. The animals’ balanced diet of grains and forage yields only the finest milk. With quick and careful handling between our farms and creamery, this high-quality milk allows our cheeses’ signature clean flavor and freshness to flourish.