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Lexington Bakes is a luxury bakeshop serving up Consciously Baked Luxury Treats™.

From delicately rich fudge luxury brownies to cheerfully bright buttery luxury blondies and sinfully decadent luxury cookies, our unique and extraordinary treats are handmade in Los Angeles with our guiding principle of Radical Ingredient Transparency™.

We believe the best ingredients are natural and ethically sourced with kindness and respect for people and the planet. Not only do we list the ingredients in each of our treats, but we are fully transparent about how we source our premium ingredients.

We want you to know exactly what's in your next bite, so you can have your dessert and feel good about it too.

Founded by designer, writer, and self-taught pastry chef Lex Evan, LXB officially launched online in 2022, and is slowly growing a loyal fanbase.