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Sunnyvale, CA

In Italy they have trattorias, and in Turkey, they have the meyhane. Akin to a tapas house, a meyhane is a warm, welcoming gathering place with good company, live music, mezes (small plates), and delicious drinks.

Founded in 2019 by Omer Artun and Koray Altinsoy, Meyhouse is proudly bringing the authentic meyhane experience to The Bay Area. Well-known for serving up authentic Turkish & Mediterranean cuisine with the highest quality ingredients and innovative recipes, the restaurant’s name comes from the Farsi words “mey,” meaning wine, and “khāneh” meaning house- a nod to the founders' desire to make Meyhouse an inviting destination with live music, delicious food & flowing drinks. Meyhouse’s menu focuses on mezes, or small plates, with many of their dishes cooked to perfection in the restaurant’s impressive wood-fired oven.

Cofounders Omer and Koray's unique combination of skills and shared love of traditional Turkish cuisine and live music led them to create this one-of-a-kind dining experience. Omer brings a wealth of experience as a software entrepreneur with a background in physics to the table. He deeply appreciates the science behind food, illustrated by the innovative and expertly crafted dishes at Meyhouse. Koray comes from a background in marketing and strategy, confidently manning the operational end of the business. Together, they have created a restaurant that is not just a dining experience, but a cultural immersion.