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Nicasio, CA
#Family Owned

Located in Nicasio, California, Nicasio Valley Cheese Company is owned and operated by the Lafranchi family. Founded by Fredolino Lafranchi a century ago, Lafranchi Ranch, was the Swiss immigrant's dream. Him and his wife, they raised their five children on this beautiful ranch and Fred's eldest son, Will, continued in the family business, eventually passing it along on to his six children, who run it today. The current generation of Lafranchi dairy farmers pay homage to their Swiss heritage with the establishment the Nicasio Valley Cheese Company. The family's Swiss heritage, a rich West Marin pastureland, and a herd of happy cows ensures their cheeses are as magical here in Marin as they are in Switzerland.

The Nicasio Valley Cheese Company offers 100% organic, farmstead cheese from milk produced from nearly 500 dairy cows who roam 1,150-acres of pastureland owned by the local Lafranchi family. Using rotational grazing for their herd of cows and sustainable practices throughout the ranch, 100% of their herd is certified organically raised and their milk is used for the production of cheese. The creamery is located in a converted milking barn and recycled shipping containers are used as the aging rooms.