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Ventura, CA

Reine Vegan Cuisine creates clean, gourmet plant-based cheese using Old-World artisan techniques. The company takes its name from the French word for "Queen," and aspires to be a leader in the vegan food industry. At the heart of Reine's vision is the quest to provide a line of premium, plant-based food products made of the highest quality possible, starting with a non-dairy alternative to cheese. Made with recipes crafted by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a strong background in food science, Reine Vegan Cuisine products are thoughtfully designed to be more nutritionally sound and flavorful than other plant-based products on the market.

Reine is committed to using only the best organic, ethically-traded ingredients which are sourced and processed with care. The company spends endless hours in the test kitchen revising each food product until it meets their high standards. Every artisanal morsel is concentrated in nutrition, made in small batches slowly and carefully, using real food and old-world techniques. The result is an artfully-prepared composition of taste that rivals even the best original (non-vegan) counterpart.

In addition to their delicious products, Reine Vegan Cuisine is also committed to using its business resources to help alleviate animal suffering and human food disparities amongst communities with limited access to healthy food. The company continues to accomplish these goals through advocacy and donating to animal rescue groups and organizations which work to grow, hire, educate and feed communities where food deserts and lack of nutrition exist.