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Pescadero, CA
#Family Owned

Root Down Farm is a queer-owned pasture-based poultry and pig farm dedicated to humanely raising the healthiest animals possible while working within our ecosystem to responsibly steward the land and improve soil health. Root Down Farm animals freely roam the pastures and enjoy an organic, non-GMO grain diet free of any hormones.

Root Down Founder Dede Boies fell in love with farming because she “loved the work and the simplicity of planting a seed and growing something that’s edible.” But it wasn’t long before she discovered another passion: humanely raising healthy and happy animals.

For the last six years, Dede Boies has proudly operated Root Down Farm in Pescadero where she raises chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs in a pasture-based system fueled by her love of farming & passion for humanely raising healthy and happy animals.

Dede’s roots in Pescadero were first planted during her apprenticeship at Pie Ranch, a farming and food system education center on the San Mateo Coast. After gaining ample hands-on farming experience & being immersed in the local farming community for over five years, Dede was ready to start her own farm– and Root Down was born.

Over six years later, Dede remains deeply passionate about humanely and sustainably raising meat. In early 2018 she and her wife welcomed their first child, and Dede feels more motivated than ever to make Root Down Farm sustainable so they can continue to raise their family there.