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San Martin, CA
#Family Owned

From the heart of the fertile Santa Clara Valley in California, Spade & Plow emerges as a beacon of organic farming and sustainable practices. We are a family-owned and operated farm, deeply committed to nurturing the land while delivering fresh, nutritious, and flavor-rich fruits and vegetables to our community.

Spade & Plow stands on the foundation of organic farming. We cultivate our soil with mindful methods that shun harmful chemicals and genetically modified organisms. Our pledge is to the health of our earth, and our mission is to grow the 'best organic produce' that is a testament to this commitment.

Immerse yourself in the season's bounty with our diverse selection of 'fresh local produce'. Our rotating seasonal boxes are a flavorful journey through the year's cycles, offering 'quality farm-to-table ingredients' straight from our fields to your kitchen.

Join us on a flavorful exploration of the earth's best, with Spade & Plow - where passion for sustainable farming, dedication to the community, and love for the land converge in every harvest.