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Richmond, CA

Subject to Change Wine Co. is a Northern California-based winery that exists as a canvas for exploring time and place. Founded in 2017 by Alex Pomerantz, the winery is driven by a love for the intersection of California's unique agricultural landscape, natural wine, and the many people and experiences that come along with those arenas. The winemaking philosophy is simple: nothing added, nothing subtracted. Organic grapes and a lot of love. The team has grown over the years, with the help of Jonathan Walton, Kelsey Freeman, Natalia Kaminski and Dominique Henderson, Subject to Change has continued to grow, adapt, progress and improve winemaking and viticultural practices vintage after vintage.

The Subject to Change team considers better agriculture to be at the forefront of the company’s mission and the cornerstone of their livelihoods. The company is endlessly inspired by the land, the people who steward it and the fruits of their collective labor. All of the wines, with the exception of the All Hours label, are single vineyard expressions that aim to represent the people and places through the energy and transparency in the wines.