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Winters, CA
#Family Owned

A 200-acre CCOF-certified organic farm located in Winters, California, Terra Firma Farm has been growing high-quality vegetables and fruit year-round for over 30 years. Terra Firma is situated in one of the oldest fruit and vegetable-growing regions in Northern California, known for its rich soil, mild weather, and year-round creek. The farm grows almost 100 different crops each year, including spring, summer and winter vegetables as well as stone fruit, citrus and nuts. Terra Firma is also fortunate to have a reliable, clean, and sustainable water supply from Lake Berryessa and Putah Creek.

The history of Terra Firma Farm dates back to the late 1980s when Paul Holmes began farming a few acres in the hills west of Winters under the name Sky High Farm. Sky High Farm was one of the original members of California Certified Organic Farmers and was a founding member of both the Davis Farmers Market and Berkeley Farmers Market. In 1994, Terra Firma started its CSA with a few dozen acquaintances at a single drop site in San Francisco’s Mission District. As the CSA grew, the farm expanded as well, renting additional fields and leasing small neglected or abandoned fruit orchards. In 2003, with the help of CSA subscribers, Paul and Pablito were able to purchase 80 acres of land and in 2005, Hector joined the ownership team. Today, Terra Firma provides food for around 800 subscriber households and farms around 150 acres of vegetables and 50 acres combined of fruit and nut orchards.

Terra Firma Farm supports dozens of employees, some of whom have been with the farm since the beginning and have been instrumental in its success. Terra Firma is not a traditional "family farm," but rather a diverse group of individuals united in their commitment to growing high-quality organic produce.