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Petaluma, CA
#Family Owned

Twisted Horn Cattle Co. is a family-run operation located in Sonoma County, California. Aesa and Jack Sequeira are two brothers who are passionate about the ranch lifestyle and providing top-quality grass-fed beef to their community. With deep roots in agriculture, the Sequeira brothers were excited to purchase Twisted Horn Ranch in 2021 and continue its tradition of raising the finest longhorn cattle in the area.

At Twisted Horn Cattle Co., the longhorn cattle roam freely on rangeland in West County, where they can forage on wild grasses and other natural vegetation. The Sequeira brothers take pride in the fact that their beef is 100% grass-fed and raised hormone-free, ensuring that their customers can enjoy the most natural and healthy meat possible.

As local ranchers, Aesa and Jack believe in the importance of supporting a self-sufficient local economy, and they are dedicated to providing their community with high-quality, locally-raised beef.