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Habitera Farms exclusively grows pesticide-free Himalayan Mulberries in Brentwood, CA. Our variety of mulberries grows on large deciduous trees that grow up to 20 m. tall.

Habitera Farms’ mulberry business started with our founder, Anil, and his passion for mulberries. Anil grew up eating this delicious fruit throughout his childhood in Delhi, India. Decades later, he decided to grow mulberry trees in his backyard and distribute them to his friends and family. His mulberries quickly developed a strong following. Surprisingly, Anil’s mulberries would often spark childhood memories for individuals from across the world that encountered this fruit in their childhood— often found in a family member’s yard or on a mysterious tree in the neighborhood.

Anil, alongside our co-founders, Gautam and Smita, decided that mulberries are truly exceptional fruits, both in taste and nutrition, that have to be shared. Thus began “Very Mulberry,” grown sustainably at Habitera Farms. As we learn and grow with this crop, which has not previously been produced at a commercial scale this large, Habitera Farms looks to both new innovations and technologies and tried and tested growing techniques and methods to bring the Himalayan Purple mulberry to berry lovers— like you!