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California-inspired Jewish deli food with roots in tradition and an eye on the future; for Jews who like food and food lovers who like Jews.

Wise Sons make nearly everything in-house at Wise Sons, using the best ingredients they can source. Their pastrami & corned beef is made with beef brisket that is Never Ever administered with hormones or antibiotics. It is brined in a proprietary blend of spices and the pastrami is smoked for nearly 7 hours over real hickory wood.

All of their baked goods are made at their offsite bakery kitchen. Wise Sons offer real Jewish rye made with rye and we double bake multiple times daily for sandwiches. Their babka is filled with 72% bittersweet Guittard chocolate and lots of real butter. They serve lusciously fatty smoked salmon paired with double whipped cream cheese and our own bagels, boiled in malt inflected water before being baked.